“A beautifully heart-wrenching story of hope that reminds us to believe miracles happen every day. BREAKTHROUGH will touch your heart the way it’s touched mine.”
Roma Downey
BREAKTHROUGH is a great movie with a miraculous storyline and excellent acting! It’s an A-level film and I would definitely give it two thumbs up! Great for the whole family!”
Nicole C. Mullen, Recording Artist
BREAKTHROUGH will exceed your expectations and send you out of the theater with a smile on your face and hope in your heart.”
Ken Abraham, New York Times bestselling author
BREAKTHROUGH is a profound testimony to the faith and love of a mother and a community. … The feel-good movie of the year—and it really happened.”
Rose Pacatte, FSP, Pauline Center for Media Studies
“Such a moving retelling of an incredible story. This is the kind of movie that will start a conversation around any table.”
Annie F. Downs, bestselling author of Remember God and host of That Sounds Fun Podcast
BREAKTHROUGH touches every nerve. I was challenged, which is what a good film should do!”
Abby Watts, Host of The Big, Big House Morning Show, Spirit FM
BREAKTHROUGH is a phenomenal movie for the whole family. It reinforces the power of prayer as a vehicle to your breakthrough and is sure to lift your spirits and strengthen your faith. What better time than Easter to witness a modern-day, TRUE story of faith, love, and resurrection?!”
Dr. David Anderson Founder and Senior Pastor, Bridgeway Community Church
BREAKTHROUGH is a must-see exhilarating movie guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat and embolden your faith.”
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Television Host, Author, and International Speaker
BREAKTHROUGH is THE must-see movie for 2019. It’s action-packed, heart-warming and soul-stirring!”
Ryan Frank, Kidzmatter Director
“Sometimes you have to breakdown before you can get a breakthrough. I’ve not cried so uncontrollably in a movie ever—not because of pain, but because I was getting a prescription. This movie will inspire, ignite and empower you all at once.”
Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, Pastor, New Birth Church ATL
“A powerful message of hope, confession, forgiveness and the immense power of prayer. … Don’t miss this movie!"
Don Morris, National Director, U.S. Mennonite Brethren
“Life changing and necessary! BREAKTHROUGH touched me deeply as a man of faith. If you have ever echoed the words ‘I believe but help my unbelief,’ this movie will do just that! A must see!”
Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III, Presiding Bishop, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Intl, Pastor, Mt Zion Baptist Church - Nashville
“Wow! This is a powerful reminder of how God is and how His miracles supersede any obstacle. This isn’t just a movie, it’s ministry!”
Bishop Charles Mellette, Christian Provision Ministries
BREAKTHROUGH is a powerful reminder to put my trust in God, to pray, and to never, ever lose hope for those I love.”
Susan Merrill, Family First
“The incredible true story of BREAKTHROUGH is proof that God still performs miracles if we’re just crazy enough to BELIEVE! Absolutely loved it!”
David and Nicole Crank,
BREAKTHROUGH challenged me to be faith-ready for trials that may lie ahead.”
Mark Merrill, Family First
“This movie will inspire you and your family—go see BREAKTHROUGH (and bring some tissues along).”
Michayla White, Executive Director, International Network of Children's Ministries
“Electrifying. Funny. Breath-stealing. Hopeful. I LOVED this film.”
Erica Parkerson, On-Air Personality , Spirit 105.3 Radio
BREAKTHROUGH is thought-provoking and inspiring.”
Seth Rankin,
“I saw BREAKTHROUGH and loved it. This film stirred the fire within me that God truly makes the impossible possible.”
Yancy, Artist, Songwriter, Worship Leader
BREAKTHROUGH grabs your heart and never lets go. The characters are genuine, believable and most of all, relatable. … It is a story of faith over fear when everything and everyone around you says to give up. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and in the end your faith will break through!”
Karl Bastian, founder of (and drowning survivor)
BREAKTHROUGH puts all divisions aside and intercedes for the one. One prayer. One faith. The power of one. When we just love one person amazing things can happen. What the world needs right now is to not treat each other with division but love!”
Corey Ray Jones, Orange Blogger
BREAKTHROUGH is a must-see, uplifting, true story about the power of prayer and a mother's refusal to give up on her son’s destiny. … I will highly recommend this movie to all the pastors and churches in my national network.”
Brian Alarid, President, America Prays
BREAKTHROUGH shines with the power of belief and conversion as a reminder that faith can see us through the greatest of trials and beyond.”
Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of
“Good movies entertain. Great movies INSPIRE. BREAKTHROUGH does both! Far and away the most compelling real-life movie of the year. Don’t miss it. We are renting out whole theaters to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience this."
Pastor Ray Johnston, Bayside Church
“Inspiring. Chrissy Metz is marvelous. America needs to see this film!”
Michael Foust, Crosswalk
“A powerful example of faith in action. I was riveted. This film is spectacular!”
Patti Townley-Covert, EPA award-winning freelance writer
“Remarkably forthright at declaring a strongly biblical message…. The characters are believable and strong, and the main message is reinforced by masterful treatment of subplots. … Well done!”
Dr. Terry White, Journalism Professor, Grace College
“What an inspiring story! The story keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is realistic, encouraging and exciting! A must see! Don't miss it!”
Sally Isáis, Revista Prisma
BREAKTHROUGH sets a new and very high standard for excellence in faith-based film production. … Five stars and an enthusiastic thumbs up from me!”
Carolyn Curtis, journalist and book author
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